CGI - Animation - Motion Design - Sound - Video - 3D Druck - Projection Mapping - Installation Art - Interaction - Audiovisuelle Gestaltung - Creative Coding - Procedural Design -


We aim to be a platform for creators and students across many disciplines, such as event installation, CGI, sound installation, mixed reality or generative image making. Our philosophy is to open up to the rich, interdisciplinary field of media creation and to invite a colourful blend of backgrounds into our institution.

Anyone with a solid interest in media, interdisciplinary workflows and experience creation is a welcome candidate to our program. We value an innovative and open mindset over functioning technocrats and we facilitate experimentation rather than products. Our goal is to be a community for thinkers and makers who do not believe in prefabricated ideas of digital aesthetics.

By enmeshing our work in solid theory and research we want to show that digital art is not a short lived social media phenomenon but rather a way of thinking and a basis to explore future ecologies of co-existence, communication and transcendence. Digital media gives us the tools to create immersive and therefore transcendent experiences. It helps us zooming out of our anthropocentric conditioning and zooming into new and potentially non-human perspectives.
In the center of our teachings is an awareness for the shortcomings and dangers of technology. The responsibility and ethical code of the person creating the work is always preceding the creation. Wether it is in artificial intelligence or data visualisation we believe in an egalitarian, non-discriminative application of digital tools. We want to make sure to educate a generation of critical thinkers that first and foremost understands their agency in the creative process instead of becoming industry experts with no moral compass whatsoever.
The growing and ever-evolving agglomeration of media technologies is challenging our understanding of traditional disciplines such as media design. We therefore engage in an interdisciplinary approach and aim to curate the seemingly endless possibilities of creation by training the creative process of generalist thinkers instead of focusing on specialised, technical didactics. We hope to spread the word by sending out graduates with a deep understanding of not one but many fields of digital media.