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Prof. Claudia Rohrmoser
Motion Design

Claudia Rohrmoser is a video artist and professor specializing in Motion Design and Media Scenography. Her background includes studies in Multimedia Arts at FH Salzburg and Experimental Narrative Film and Media Arts at UdK Berlin. Developing and reflecting her unique approach to experimental animation shorts, audiovisual performances, and video stage designs she  founded „Cinema Vertigo," an artistic research platform for practice-led studies in media spaces and site-specific narratives.

Prof. Herwig Scherabon
Immersive Environments

Herwig Scherabon is an award-winning visual artist, who is currently based in Berlin. He creates immersive audio-visual installations that explore themes of object oriented ontology, post-humanism, nature, ecology, and technology, as well as the agency and sentience of non-human beings. His art invites viewers to consider their place in the world and the role that technology plays in shaping our experiences.

Photo: Werner Brunnbauer
Kim Groche B.Eng.
Dipl.-Des. Frank Spreen-Ledebur
Audiovisuelle Werkstatt
Petra Stipetić B.Ed. M.F.A.
Animation und Projektbetreueung

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